Aqua Capital invest in Exata, a leading Reg Ag platform focused on the soil health and plant testing lab market

February, 2024

Aqua Capital invest in Exata, a leading Reg Ag platform focused on the soil health and plant testing lab market


– September, 2023 –

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Jatai – Goiás, Exata is a leading player in Brazil’s soil and plant testing lab market, providing a comprehensive analysis of soil composition and nutrient levels. By assessing the health of the soil as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans, Exata empowers Brazilian growers to adopt fundamental regenerative agricultural (“regen ag”) practices.

As a key differentiator, the company offers high-quality, agile lab services, contributing to its position as the preferred option for precision agriculture companies and growers.

Exata occupies a leading position within a highly fragmented market in soil analysis, currently servicing key agricultural regions in Brazil, with notable influence in the Midwest, a pivotal region in Brazil’s agricultural landscape.

The company has been experiencing impressive growth while expanding its footprint in different states within Brazil.

Soil and plant testing serves as a fundamental component in the advancement of regen ag. Exata has a clear and actionable sustainable and impact-oriented agenda:

  • Delivering precise soil data enables growers to apply water, fertilizers, and pesticides more judiciously, conserving resources as well as reducing both waste and environmental pollution.
  • Helping growers successfully transition to better, more sustainable agricultural practices, such as the use of biologicals, precision agriculture, and crop rotation.
  • Growers are inclined to conduct testing to optimize input purchasing, maximizing profitability and ensuring business continuity.
  • Promoting soil health through consistent testing should augment carbon sequestration and biodiversity.
  • Tackling the food security agenda by boosting food production via traceable soil data.
  • Upholding industry gold standards by ensuring unwavering transparency in testing methods, outcomes, and data interpretation, a commitment that fosters deep trust with both growers and end-consumers.

The Aqua Capital Team

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