AgroGalaxy Certified by WOB

April, 2021

AgroGalaxy Is The First Agribusiness Company To Be Certified By Women On Board “WOB” In Brazil Three outstanding women are part of AgroGalaxy Board of Directors.

Sao Paulo – May 25th 2021: AgroGalaxy, an Aqua Capital portfolio company, is the first Brazilian agribusiness company to be certified by “Women on Board” (WOB). This recognition is given to companies that have at least two female directors on their boards. WOB is an independent initiative, supported by UN Women, which recognizes, values and publicizes the existence of corporate environments with the presence of women on boards of directors or advisory boards with the goal of demonstrating the benefits of diversity to business and society. AgroGalaxy, the largest Brazilian retailer of agricultural inputs, has three women on the Board of Directors, and the goal is to have 30% women on the leadership board by 2030.
Today the Company is already at 16%.

“Gender equality is a priority at AgroGalaxy. We have committed to ensure 100% pay parity for men and women within 2 years. Our Board reflects our appreciation of diversity and sustainability as a strategic and value-creating pillar. We want to be the leading thread in promoting ESG in Brazilian agribusiness”, said Welles Pascoal, CEO of the Company.

The Board includes lawyer and economist Tarcila Ursini, who is a board member for several well-known companies and has 22 years of experience in strategy, innovation and culture for sustainability. She is accompanied by economist Larissa Pomerantzeff, with 20 years of experience in finance and agribusiness, and engineer Elaine Schulze, from Aqua Capital, with more than 20 years dedicated to corporate finance.

“A diverse governance in gender, also in expertise and competences, makes AgroGalaxy’s Board of Directors an example of real value creation for all stakeholders”, adds Tarcila Ursini.

About AgroGalaxy:

Founded in 2018, AgroGalaxy, Aqua Capital´s retail platforms for agricultural food and services, is one of the largest Brazilian companies servicing agribusiness, operating in the commercialization of agricultural inputs, seed production, origination, storage and commercialization of grains.

AgroGalaxy is formed by companies Rural BR, Sementes Campeã, Agro100, AgroFerrari, Sementes Boa Nova and Campea, Grão de Ouro and Boa Vista, representing a total of 7.9 million hectares of planted area. The Company’s mission is to become the largest agricultural platform in the country, generating value for the Brazilian producer, employees, communities, the environment and shareholders. It currently has 104 stores, in 9 states serving more than 17,000 customers.

About Aqua Capital

Founded in 2009, Aqua Capital is an independent private equity fund focused on Investing in transformational, sustainable companies in Ag & Food in the Americas. Aqua Capital philosophy is to expand companies with potential for leadership and growth with a track record of success and strong stewardship.