Company Overview

AgroGalaxy is a leading ag inputs retailer and grain handling platform. Built from the acquisition of leading regional companies which created a player with nationwide footprint and relevance, with presence in nine Brazilian states and covering ~7.9m hectares of crop production, with a highly qualified sales force. It is a leading platform in the Brazilian ag inputs retailing, counting with a unique portfolio of products and services, therefore creating a one-stop-shop experience for farmers all over Brazil.

  • Exposure to Brazil’s thriving agribusiness sector upsides without its usual risk factors
  • Highly fragmented market with opportunities for consolidation through the acquisition of Top-Notch regional brands and first-class add-ons
  • High barriers to entry driven by strong relationships with clients and a one-stop-shop approach to products and services
  • Business model, culture and team are uniquely positioned to continue leading industry consolidation and value creation

Since the acquisition of Rural Brasil in 2016, the first company of the platform, Aqua has been proving its excellence in value creation, combining organic growth with M&A and rapidly transitioning acquired companies into professionally managed business.

  •  Professionalization
    • Board of Directors with 4 independent members out of 9, with complementary experience in HR, Finance, ESG and Retail
    • Industry leadership team and strong team culture
  • Growth:
    • Sustainable Organic growth: Input sales increased 26.9% in 2020
    • In three years, expanded national store footprint by 50%, with a 100% success rate
    • 15% yearly increase in client base
    • Commercial efficiency as a priority, with consistent growth in sales per sales representative
  • Transformation:
    • Winning M&A strategy, strong post-merger integration, and repeatable approach (Inorganic growth): Eight acquisitions, in order to strengthen AgroGalaxy position in key agricultural regions and verticalization of strategic segments2016: Rural Brasil (Midwest)2017: Agro100 (South/Southeast)2018: Agro Ferrari (South/Southeast)2019: Grão de Ouro (South/Southeast) and Sementes Campeã (Midwest)2021: Boa Vista (South/Southeast), Ferrari Zagatto (South) and (Agrocat (Central/West)
    • Verticalization of seed production
    • One-stop-shop, delivering productivity to farmers
    • Digitalization increasing efficiency, productivity, and proximity to farmers
    • become an Omnichannel platform with important digitalization results already achieved:”Gi”, a WhatsApp bot designed to assist clients was launched in October/2020 and reached 33.6% of inputs sales by Q2 2021.
  • Impact:
    • Professional risk management model implemented, including best-in-class ESG practices
    • First Agribusiness company awarded with Women on Board certification
    • Bronze EcoVadis seal, Great Place to Work certificate
    • Carbon emission tracking
    • Deforestation avoidance with internal process and third-party monitoring
  • Continue implementing the value creation initiatives, with digital and ESG as key pillars in the process
  • Continue executing the M&A agenda