Our values

Partnership and teamwork

We thrive in partnerships, believing that complementary skills with a shared philosophy are the way to make companies achieve their maximum potential.

Hands-on involvement

We get deeply involved in the strategy, operations and key strategic initiatives of our portfolio companies, while respecting management’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Being local and going where the action is

We believe that the best opportunities are in middle-market companies, and that these typically operate away from the big cities. We believe that only by being local we can select the best-in-class companies and take them to the next level.

Transparency and professionalism

We are committed to transparency and professionalism in all our activities, which are the bases on which we develop trust with our partners, investors and team members.


As long-term investors in cyclical markets, we believe that discipline is a cornerstone to investing, managing companies and exiting.

Getting things done

Clear thinking ably executed remains a competitive advantage, and our ‘make things happen’ approach is key to our companies’ breakthrough performance.

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