country BRAZIL

Promoting and benefiting from the increasing use of technology by Brazilian farmers

In 2013 Aqua Capital acquired a controlling stake in Aminoagro, a highly-innovative and client-focused producer of specialty fertilizers in Brazil.

  • Founded in 2000, Aminoagro is a leading producer of bio-stimulants with a cutting-edge portfolio of high-value products for grains, vegetables and fruits.

  • It operates out of its headquarters in the State of São Paulo and its industrial facility in the State of Goiás.

  • Main products include liquid bio-stimulants (amino acids, hormones and organic acids) and deficiency correctors.

  • Customers (farmers and distributors) are supported in the field by a team of 70+ specialized agronomists operating in 18 states.

  • The company has national coverage, with a focus on MAPITOBA region, Mato Grosso, Goiás and São Paulo.

  • Aqua Capital holds over 90% of the equity of the company.

  • In 2015, Aqua Capital acquired a controlling stake of Dimicron, a leading producer of micronutrients based in the south and center-west of Brazil.

  • Founded in 1985, Dimicron is headquartered in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and has two industrial facilities, in Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso.

  • It commercializes its products under two main brands, Dimicron and Maximus.

  • Main products include liquid deficiency correctors and bio-stimulants, with a focus on grains.

  • Customers are supported in the field by a team of 60+ specialized agronomists operating in 12 states.

  • The company focuses on the States of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso, with a growing presence in Paraná and MAPITOBA.

  • Aqua Capital holds over 75% of the equity of the company.

  • Specialty fertilizers provide farmers with a high return on investment, maximizing yields and complementing investments in seed genetics and NPK fertilization. However, penetration in Brazil is still low and the market is highly fragmented.

  • The best-run, better capitalized firms that can develop solutions and build lasting relationships with clients are in a strong position to consolidate the market.

  • Aqua Capital selected Aminoagro and Dimicron due to their first-class product portfolios, strong distribution channels, R&D capabilities and operational excellence.

  • Based on the strong product portfolio and Aqua Capital’s value-add, Aminoagro and Dimicron are already achieving transformational growth (see below).

  • Aqua is generating value through its hands-on involvement in the management of the company, with a focus on four pillars:

  • Managing growth through strategic investments and rigorous focus on building best-in-class commercial capabilities.

  • Developing uniqueness through a distinctive product portfolio and first-class customer service.

  • Market consolidation through acquisitions. The merger Aminoagro and Dimicron by Aqua Capital untaps a wide array of opportunities, including cross-selling, sharing of technology and operational efficiencies. It also creates a technology leader in the sector, with state-of-the-art R&D capabilities and with the largest number of tests in the field with proven results.

  • Building first-class governance though methodical decision-making processes, accountability, incentive-alignment and active risk management.